Birmingham Royal Ballet - Les Rendezvous/Kin/Elite Syncopations



Les Rendezvous - A huge hit when it was first performed in 1933, Les Rendezvous was the first ballet in which Ashton concentrated on pure technique. Loosely based round a group of friends meeting up in a park, the ballet gives the whole cast the chance to show off their talent. Kin - An exciting new ballet from former Birmingham Royal Ballet dancer, Alexander Whitley. The ballet, to music by young American composer Phil Kline, will receive its premiere at the 2013 International Dance Festival Birmingham. Not to be missed! Elite Syncopations - A completely stripped back theatre bursts into life as dancers in brilliantly coloured costumes gather for a dance competition in one of Kenneth MacMillan's best-loved creations. A rag-time band play old favourites to accompany a string of sketches, as each dancer at the competition takes their turn.

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