The Woman in Black

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1hr. 50min.


Just seen this April 2011. Outstanding acting by Anthony Eden and Patrick Drury,how they remember so many lines.!Nice twist at the end.Only downside is that I didn't find in frightening at all, and apart from 1 scene quite predictable whenthe ghost would appear.However the quality of the acting made this a great production

i thought it was great. I saw it on a school trip and i thought it was the best, jumpy and most entertaining horror ive seen in a long time !!

Saw it October 15, 2003. Truely boring. The only scary part was when the ghost screamed when we weren't expecting it, making us jump. A true waste of money.

Having been tos ee this on a sunny sunday afternoon, it was not the most atmospheric time to see this sort of play-however, the cast is excellent, the story truely chilling-you will be scared and one image at the end will haunt you for days! Highly recommended!!!

This is a gripping piece of theatre and extremely enjoyable. The only problem with the current cast is that althought Pip Donaghy is great playing a host of role, Colin Hurley is a big old ham- really old fashioned and over the top declaiming all over the place, makes it hard to take him seriously later on.

Totally unexpected and it's does what the leaflet says,"..spine chilling".Well recommended!!

Seen the show twice in the past year and both times it was very tight. Excellent casts both times.

Having seen this last night for the first time in some years, I think that it is about time for something new at the Fortune. The production really has had it’s time, if I had paid £32.50 to see this play I would not be too happy. Colin Hurley playing the Actor really hams it up and is sometimes too cringe worthy to watch, Pip Donaghy as Mr Kipps is far better, but still leaves the first act rather boring. The second act and the screaming is still rather funny but feels like going through the motions, but the audience is my real gripe. They seem to be schoolchildren from various UK and European locations who seem to be intent on, in no particular order, talking, moving about, eating noisy sweets or even crisps and reacting manically to the recorded screams EVEN the second time and the third time… A very tired and tiring evening.

An excellent production! The acting , direction, lighting and atmosphere was spot on. A play that finally lives up to the hype provided via word of mouth reviews. Shiver-tastic!

I really enjoyed it, didn't expect to be scared but I was. Great acting and there was a brilliant atmosphere in the the theatre. Definitely recommend it.

If you're thinking of going to see this show then all I can say is i hope you have a good imagination, because you're sure gonna need it. Other than a couple of "scary" bits, it's really rather dull.

I have seen this twice now and could go again and again. It never fails to frighten me at times and the acting is never short of brilliant!

The only reason I was scared was that everyone had told me how scary it was...I kept waiting for something scary to happen and nothing really did! It was acted quite well and the atmosphere was good, but it was ultimately dissapointing.

Some scary stuff on that stage, acting was superb and so was the timing. A friend cried in her seat through the fear. AMAZING! A must see!

This play is alright but hardly ground breaking. I give it 3 because as far as an entertaining west end show goes, this is very good. However it is not as good as everyone thinks it is and occasionally the acting and directing is a bit stale.

Probably the best play I've seen to date. Acting was spot on as was the lighing and sound affects. I don't think I can't remember the last time I was so scared.

Excellent. Wonderful acting, superb use of sound and light, and supremely scary.

Excellent production who's simplicity adds to the fear factor. Having read the book I can honestly say I still got shivers as the story unfolds. This play is superb, ditto the acting. My only criticism is that from the back of the stalls the low ceiling slightly detracts from the feel. This should not reflect on a refreshing evenings entertainment away from the usual vacuous fayre of the West End musical.

Absolutely terrifying. Brilliant

How on earth can you have found it dull? I caught the play twice whilst on tour earlier this year, and was astounded by how two men, a laundry basket and some hats can construct such a terrifying premise. Hopefully, I will be able to go to the Fortune next year to see the play again. I urge anyone who has the opportunity to see it, go now!

This is actually pretty dull. A few moments of adrenaline, but shock factor rather than actual talent in the writing or the direction - don't bother.

Made a return visit the other day, showing it to some enthusiastic friends. I take my cap off to Robin Herford's direction and to his current cast, Robert Demeger and Timothy Watson. It's as effective today as when I first saw it twelve years ago. Even more, maybe. Everything at the Fortune was so tight and slick, it more than made up for so much disappointing new stuff I've seen recently. Was there ever a cleverer stage adaptation of a literary work that Stephen Mallatratt's transformation of The Woman In Black? I am a huge Shared Experience fan, and The Mill On the Floss can't be far behind this one, but for theatrical brilliance through economy of means TWIB is in a class of its own. It must be the most well-deserved long-runner of them all. Job

I have seen some of the worst horror movies but none of them compare to this. I was terrified. It was absolutely brilliant.

I have NEVER been so scared by a play ever. Ive now seen it twice and would gladly pay good money to go back and see it again tomorrow. Even better, if possible, than the book.

I love this show. It's teh one I recommend to everyone and take people too when they come to visit. Seen it 4 times now and it can still get me. A briliant show to be able to build up such an atmosphere with just a cast of 2 and only a few hours of time. Creepy!

Prepare to be scared out of your wits, Amazing acting, recomended to anyone who wants a scare

Nothing beats a live performance. The fear produced shivers through the whole audience and stays with you even as you leave only to discover fear is actually brown! Lighting and sound pushed so far to the limits I swear you cannot hesitate but to scream so loud. The Woman In Black is a heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat thriller guaranteed to chill.

I went to see this play as part of my A level theatre studies course and thought it was amazing. It incorporated the ideas of Brecht, Stanislaviski and Artaud in to one fantastic and scary play! Both a learning experience and a plesure to see!! Well worth a visit!

This show is so good. I was amazed that 2 and a bit people could put the wind up the audience so well, especially the school kids who'd come along on a school outing, thought they'd be a pain but they were enthralled and as scared as the rest of us. So glad I finally got myself along to see it.

So bad I wanted to go screaming from the theatre and wring everyone's neck involved in this claptrap.

ive seen this play twice now,still very scary second time round , the blood curdling screams really do the buisness, ive already booked a date to go a 3rd time. excellant!!!

Absolutley fantastic. Saw this about 8 years ago and I was soooooo scared. The WIB walked right past me through the stalls up onto the stage at one point in the performance. How scary was that. It's coming to my local theatre this summer so I will take my unsuspecting BF along with me to see it he he...

I've seen it 3 times with groups of kids I've taken traveling in Europe. Each time they are completely stunned by the suspense and fear created. It's a great show for sex, bad language, nudity, etc.

An absolutrly marvellous production which I can't recomend highly enough. I must admit that I was sceptical about how a play could be so frightening as the reviews informed me but it truely is amazingly eerie. The second half is much more exciting than the first but the rather repetitive although original opening few scenes are worth sitting through just to experience the amazing power of the second half. Go and see it if you are a lover of high quality theatre or just if you want a worthwhile night out with friends- and I do recomend seeing it with friends, you won't feel to comfortable walking through the dark streets of London alone straight after seeing this!

I've seent his twice now, and it still scared me even though I knew what would happen. a tip: never, ever, sit infront of the sound effects speakers... ghostly horse and trap coming out from behind you head???? help me!

I went to see the play as part of my GCSE course. I found the play engaged the audience from the start and I found myself on a rollercoaster of emotion along with Kipps. The use of minimal set was well judged as it allowed the audience to visualise this in their own way. The plot is terrifying and Robert Herford did it justice. A recommendation to everyone!!!

this is the most amazing play...scary every time! i would recommend everyone and anyone to see this, and will be returning soon myself with an unknowing batch of friends!

After 12 years, The Woman In Black still has the power to scare the entire stalls! I jumped at least 10 times. The atmosphere builds up beautifully and the theatre with its creaky doors and low ceilings- compliments this old fashioned but delightful play. If you have avoided this play thinking that it could be old hat- go see it and surprise yourself. But buy a programme as you will need something to hide behind!

First see the show, then buy the book (which can be had at the theatre). This is outstanding. I've seen it twice, and will see it again next year.

this play was fantastic ive seen it twice and going for a hird time shortly 100% recommended

this play was fantastic ive been twice and going back for a third time 100% recommended

this play was fantastic ive seen it twice and going for a hird time shortly 100% recommended

It is th ebest and most scariest play I have ever been to see. It is a must.

This is a brilliant play, scary with lots of great effects and acting.

This is a must see show. The atmosphere that builds up is magnificant and the theatre itself adds to this. I would highly recommend this

Save your money. The tube journey to the theatre was more interesting.

I've seen it three times. Just as terrifying each time. It's the element of surprise that gets you - and watching the audience laughing after their own unexpected screams.

Still sends a shiver up the spine.

Brilliant - especially if your in the top stalls in the Fortune - major vertigo as well!

I was amazed that the actors and sound and lighting people could scare me so much!! Everyone was fantastic!

I am more scared going to the toilet at night in the dark than I was watching this apalling play.

Good and a bit scary