The Moderate Soprano



Glyndebourne’s original love story

John Christie had two great passions in life: opera, and Audrey Mildmay – a beautiful young soprano with whom he was completely smitten. Together with his formidable drive, these two passions fueled what many people saw as a monumental folly in the South Downs. Born triumphantly amidst rolling lawns, stiff manhattans, and the sound of sheep bleating from across the HaHa – Glyndebourne would eventually become revered the world over.

For such a massive enterprise, however, love alone would not be enough. When a famous violinist was fogged overnight in Eastbourne, Christie heard about a group of German refugees who found life under the Nazis increasingly impossible. Could they help Christie deliver his vision of the sublime? Provided, of course, that they were wiling to cast Audrey as their leading light….

First seen at Hampstead Theatre, David Hare’s new play tells the story of an intense love affair and an unrelenting search for artistic excellence even in the face of sacrifice, searing scrutiny, and an impending World War.


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