The Book of Mormon

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I had this show recommended to me by friends who’ve seen it on Broadway, so I booked tickets as soon as I heard it was coming to London. I absolutely loved it! From the moment the curtain went up to the final bow I had a smile on my face and I can’t remember the last time I belly-laughed so much in just one show. I knew that the subject matter was controversial, but if you go along knowing this, I don’t think it shocks at all. After all, the tongue is firmly in the cheek throughout. The dancing was very energetic and the singing excellent, although the sound did distort a little in the ensemble pieces. I was in the dress circle and the seats are steeply tiered, so I would recommend a seat there as there’s no head in front of you. Would I see it again? You bet! And I’ll be buying the CD, too!

A Great fun show... really enjoyed it, not quite a 5 star show, but one you must see in the West End...

It's fine. Some decent laughs. Hardly a great score, but then you could say the same of The Producers or Spamalot - and nobody much seemed to be bothered then either. It's well performed. But let's keep things in proportion. Best show in London? Well behind Merrily We Roll Along and A Chorus Line...

Any controversy and interest ends with the title; this is another light entertainment musical for the Mars bar market, teens and over. Crude overuse of the 'f' word, sadly accepted nowadays as appropriate colloquial speech, does nothing to augment an unsophisticated script. Perhaps it went over my head? The Mormon Church may view this show as more of a promotion channel than throwing Christians to the lions. Being reminded that evil despots still roam our planet at-will, it does occur that perhaps we'd be no worse off than to follow Joseph Smith's Mormonism. There are fun déjà vu moments of a Village People concert and thankfully the two lead males work their bottom off throughout to redeem the show: Loved the pop at O.J. A jolly God time was had by all and I left the theatre singing 'Go West', still as a boring standard Christian.

Seen most, but this is the best show in the West End.

I promised myself I wouldn't big it up too much, but I saw one of the previews over a week ago and I cannot stop raving about it. I didn't want to know anything about it before going to see it & I'm glad I didn't allow myself to know any of the spoiler alerts. I just want everybody to see it & I want to see it another twelve times myself.

I had very (very!) high expectations after waiting so long for the show to transfer to London. It is a true testament to the quality of the production and the talent of everyone involved that those expectations were not only met but far exceeded. As a long time theatre goer I too noted the incredible buzz & energy that radiated around the theatre (not just from the cast but from the audience too) something I can't ever remember feeling before. It really made you feel like you were watching (and were part of) something special. I laughed, gasped and applauded throughout & I would recommend Book Of Mormon as *the* show to see in 2013.

Loved it - having liked the CD it works even better on stage. Had no problem with sound issues as one person has mentioned, in fact I thought the sound was balanced nicely and naturalistic. Yes the set is simplistic but a big all singing and dancing glitzy set would have detracted, and it actually works as an affectionate nod to all those Broadway musical is lampoons. I was really surprised by the cross generational audience as was expecting a much younger audience but all ages where lapping it up.

Utterly brilliant, I was in musical theatre heaven. Strong performances all round, Gavin Creel is superb. This one will run and run.

I was surprised to find I did not really enjoy this production of the Book of Mormon considering I really enjoyed the CD. I think some of this may be the fault of the lead actor Gavin Creel who plays Elder Price, who plays the whole of act one gurning to the audience. Thankfully he does tend to improve and stop doing this in act two. The real star of this show though is Jared Gertner who plays Elder Cunningham who is an absolute joy to watch whenever he is on stage. Elsehwere the production looks very cheap and built to tour. Which it was in America. The rest of the cast are excellent but it would have been improved by casting more actors who actually looked like Ugandans. After all they got most of the white Mormons correct. As usual the sound system is over amplified which distorts some of the sung words and in places you can not even hear the swear words the actors are singing. Be warned this theatre does herd you in to a queue to get in even if you do have tickets so turn up early as it is quite long. Advisable to listen to the Cd before you see it and do not expect as good a show as Avenue Q was. Except of course for Jared Gertners performance as Elder Cunningham.