Miss Havisham's Expectations



To coincide with the Dickens bicentenary, Linda Marlowe presents a new solo show featuring one of his most iconic female characters, Miss Havisham, from one of his most celebrated books ? Great Expectations. This jilted bride, stuck forever in her wedding dress, alongside the stopped clock and untouched cake, is desperate to set the record straight. ?Norma' goes on to her story, revealing a love-hate relationship with her creator Dickens, ?a man who liked to play God with his female characters but had little understanding of them'. The show draws on the text of Great Expectations and biographical material from Dickens' life, as well as original material by writer-director Di Sherlock. It is presented in a tour-de-force performance by the award-winning Linda Marlowe. An engaging celebration of Dickens and an insightful and fresh look at one of his most enduringly popular novels. ?Seduces with a riot of vivid imagery and a firework display