Poles Apart



The Theatre Royal is an oasis of artistic calm, equality and sensitivity, but when the scaffolders from hell descend upon the thespians, the masks slip and the curtain comes down. Phil, Fat Glen and Polish Jan, are on task and finish as they deliver a breathless rant on life, art and sausage sarnies in a desperate effort to mend the leaking roof. Never has illusion been so shattered as they race to their next job; but when leading lady Abi and theatre manager Grahame unleash their real feelings about the men with the hard hats, the question is, who is the most brutal? It's seems it's never over until the fat man sings! In this scorching new comedy, John Godber examines the role of the theatre in the life of the working man and the role of the working man in the life of the theatre, and asks, are they Poles Apart? Uncompromising, unflinching and deliriously funny, this visually exciting world premiere tries to understand culture clashes up-close, personal and from the top of a scaff tower.