Beatrice, an unlikely heroine in a story of not-so-everyday survival, sits in isolation, waiting for the outcome of a forced mental health assessment. She loved Bowie, the Buzzcocks and the Bay City Rollers back in the day, and now revisits a personal history she only just remembers. But there is an important detail she has forgotten, and she thinks they are putting words into her mouth. She just wants a quiet life, to live under the radar, but her hand has been forced. She could hide forever, like Elizabeth, or become a reclaimer, in an increasingly hostile state. Boudica and Butterfly guide her through both big historical moments and small personal details to re-imagine the corner she feels she has been painted into. But, if she could change the past, would she? Beatrice examines whether the chaos theory of stigma has informed the status of people in her present. Whenever that is. Butterfly is not about suffering from, or surviving, a condition. It is about history, stigma, about misunderstandings and misrepresentations. It is about setting the record straight.