Amici Dance Theatre Company - Tightrope

1hr. 30min.


Amici is a unique dance theatre company integrating able-bodied and disabled artists and performers. Founded in 1980, Amici have had a major impact challenging conventional attitudes about disability and the arts.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages the circus is about to begin! Welcome to Tightrope, the biggest, most dangerous, amazingly spectacular Amici Dance Theatre Company show in all of their 30 years. There'll be clowns and jugglers, knife throwers and illusion, stilts and unicycle; trapeze and aerialists flying through the air and of course, the not to be missed, death defying tightrope walker. Tightrope is a touching show that tells the story of a 30 year old circus company who have stuck together, struggling against the odds to survive, but will this be their final performance ?

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