Albany Young Creatives Venue and Location

The Albany
Douglas Way, Outer London, Greater London SE8 4AG

The Albany

Douglas Way Outer London, Greater London SE8 4AG


Ockham's Razor (UK) - Belly of the Whale
Bibi Crew: Get Raunchy
Jude Starbeam - Work in Progress
Dido and Aeneas
Me Too - Fest en Fest
H2 Dance - Fest en Fest: Strangers and Others
The Talk Show - A Work in Progress
Your Best Guess
The Road That Wasn't There
Who Wants to Live Forever?
Alula Cyr - Hyena
Hatched - Inky Cloak: All Together Now
Slap and Tickle
Albany Young Creatives
Mia: Daughters of Fortune
Hatched - Sounds Like Chaos
Dead and Breathing
Luca Rutherford's Political Party
Protein Dance - May Contain Food, May Contain You
So Many Reasons
Ugly Duckling
Robin Ince - 3 Line Wit
Sarah Gillespie Quartet
Cabaret Playroom - The Big One
The Adventures of The Little Ghost
Spring Reign
Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman
Prison Game
Iced Tea - Chill Pill Meets a 21st Century Tea Dance
Give Me Your Love
The Unthanks - How Wild the Wind Blows
Levantes Dance Theatre - The Band
Pat-a-Cake Baby
Cabaret Playroom
Fire in the Machine
The Insect Circus
The Elves and the Shoemaker
Move, Shake, Mango
Hatched: Not Bound Within
Our Carnal Hearts
Eleanor Conway - Walk of Shame
Hatched: Videofeet: The Thadows Loom and the Sun is Black
Stomping Ground - Stonecrabs Young Directors' Festival
Sky in the Pie
Good Dog
Tom Thumb
Jazz Jamaica
Celebration, Florida
Truth to the Power Cafe - 2017
Cabaret Playroom
A Place Called Happiness
Wriggle Dance Theatre - The Colour of Me
We Raise Our Hands In The Sanctuary
The Snail and the Whale
Chill Pill - The Big One
The Residents - A site-specific ghost story staged in real homes across South London.
BITES: Remix
Growing Up Club
Penguin! Elephant!
Tomorrow I Was Always a Lion
Give Me Back My Broken Night
Noise Report
Disco Kids: Haunted House
Underneath a Magical Moon
Snow Play
Perky: A Bra Project
Arch 8 Dance Group - Double Bill: No Man is an Island/O Snap
Erik Kaiel - Tetris/O Snap/No Man is an Island
A Pocketful of Grimms
Muhammad Ali and Me
Twentyfirst Century Chorus: From Noting 1
The Voices of Black Folks
The Girl and the Giraffe
Noise Report
Disco Kids: Under the Sea
Rice Paper Tales
Snow White
Near Gone
Le Gateau Chocolat - Black
Upswing - BiTES:Remix
(The Story is Not) Set in Stone
An Icy Man
Until You Hear the Bell
The Broke 'N' Beat Collective
Backstage in Biscuit Land
Blake Remixed
A Raisin in the Sun
The Old Woman, the Buffalo and the Lion of Manding
Poof! - Headways
Ironmistress - Headways
The Worker - Headways
She Talks to Beethoven - Headways
The Jewish Wife - Headways
Samaritans, Can I Help You? - Headways
The Fat Man's Wife - Headways
Hatched: On the Button Britain's Got Tenants
Theseus Beefcake
The Crows Plucked Your Sinews
i know all the secrets in my world
Sarah Gillespie
The Bear
Chill Pill - The Big One
Flyaway Katie
Skip 'Little Axe' McDonald and King Size Slim
Smitty's Big Four
Catapluf's Musical Journey
Folie a Deux
Lizzie Emeh
State of Emergency - Co-Mission
Al Cubo
mingbeast: Awful Things Can Happen at Any Time (an upbeat musical)
Bedtime Stories
Debs Gatenbury - What is Happiness?
Tavaziva Dance Company - When King Gogo Met the Chameleon
The Mighty Prince and Other Fabulous Fables
16 Singers
Snow Child
Projections of Miles
No More Worries
How to be a Hero
Mr Tiger Goes Wild
366 Days of Kindness
Hatched - Untouchable
A 21st Century Tea Dance
Omar - Live in Concert
Disco Kids: Down on the Farm
The Singing Hypnotist
Cabaret Playroom
Cabaret Playroom
The Journey Home
Chill Pill
BITES: Remix
Emergency Story Penguin
The Lady's Not for Walking Like an Egyptian
My Son and Heir
Chewing the Fat
This Other Island
Simply the Best
The Boy That Bit Picasso
Disco Kids: Pirate Party
Chill Pill
Rosie's Magic Horse
Hatched - Sophie Willan
The Honey Man
The Feather Catcher
The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland
Hatched - New Cross Spartacus
Meeting Mr Boom!
Project New Moon
Kathryn Tickell and the Side
Puss in Boots
The Life and Loves of a Nobody
Pretty Ugly
Disco Kids: Fairytale Kingdom
Yeh Shen - The Chinese Cinderella
Once In a Blue Moon
Chill Pill - Christmas Special
Cabaret Playroom
Hatched - Rhythm Town Extracts
The Spinning Wheel
The Hunters Grimm
Who Ya Gonna Call & Ghostbusters the Movie
Turned on its Head Shiny
The Soil
The Revivalists
Chill Pill
JazzArt Dance Theatre Company Biko's Quest
South African Reed Dance - Uncles & Angels/Dark Cell
Dancing with the Orange Dog
Home Sweet Home
A Cure for Ageing
Belarus Free Theatre - Solidarity Party
Price of Money
Bring the Happy Live Mapping
Hatched Asara and the Sea-Monstress
Hatched Stagte 2.0
Take Flight to the West End
The Albany Street Opera
Hatched Blind
Hatched Prison Game
Let Me Stay
Goodbye Gunther
I Wish I Was Lonely
I Wish I Was Lonely
Sizwe Banzi is Dead
Matilda and Me
Telling Tales Leading UK poets retell Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
The Chairs
BITES: Remix
Chill Pill Big One
Jack and the Beanstalk
Fragments of Clay
For Their Own Good
Egusi Soup
Naive Dance Masterclass with Matt Rudkin
Brand New Ancients
Play.Ground 2 Luna Park/The Man Who
Mouth Open, Story Jump Out
Macbeth - Blood Will Have Blood
Play.Ground: Stonecrabs Young Directors Festival
Chill Pill
Jonzi D Lyrikal Fearta: The Letter & Broken Lineage
How to be Immortal
One Snowy Night
Chill Pill Christmas Special
The Austerity Show
Pony Panto!!!
Arun Ghosh Arkestra Makara
Sarah Gillespie
As You Like It
As You Like It
Nobody Rides the Unicorn
Treasure Island
Family Circus Bites
Mari Wilson and Barb Jungr: Woman to Woman
Circus Bites
Only Wolves and Lions
Nobody Rides the Unicorn
Gina Yashere Laughing to America
An Enemy of the People
Chill Pill
Spin Cycle
Edinburgh Comedy Previews Josh Widdicombe
Och Aye the New-Pre Edinburgh Fringe Showcase Vikki Stone and Luke Graves
Hatched The Boggits
Edinburgh Comedy Previews Seann Walsh & Marlon Davis
Tony & Mike The Country Owl & The City Squirrel
When It's Night Time
Today is my Birthday