Women Redressed: Act II Venue and Location

Jermyn Street Theatre
16b Jermyn Street, Inner London, Greater London SW1Y 6ST

Jermyn Street Theatre

16b Jermyn Street Inner London, Greater London SW1Y 6ST


Opened 5 Sep 2018. Closing 29 Sep 2018

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Hymn to Love - Homage to Piaf
The Play about My Dad
Secret Hearts - Star Chamber/Red Peppers/Still Life
Bedroom Farces
Tonight at 8.30
Nuclear Families - Family Album/Hands Across the Sea/The Astonished Heart
Tomorrow at Noon - Glimpse/The Thing Itself/Smite
The Dog Beneath the Skin
Hilda and Virginia - The Choice/A Nightingale in Bloomsbury
Mad as Hell
Woman Before a Glass
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Miss Julie
Other Men's Flowers
Posting Letters to the Moon
Anything That Flies
The Blinding Light
Russell Kane - Kaned Laughter
Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain
Quentin Crisp: Naked Hope
The Last Ones
All Our Children
Women Redressed: Act II
The Frogs
Kaned Laughter - An Evening with Russ Kane
Beau Brummel - An Elegant Madness
Call Me Merman
Cautionary Tales for Daughters
Under Milk Wood
The Twentieth Century Way
Pride and Prejudice
Tea with the Old Queen
Strindberg's Women - Stronger/Storm
The Autumn Garden
Liz Roberton - Lerner without Loewe
The Dover Road
Marilyn and Sinatra
A David Greig Double Bill - Kyoto/The Letter of Last Resort
I'm Getting My Act together and Taking it on the Road
Late Night Magic
And This is My Friend...Mr Laurel
Off The King's Road
Star Child
I Have Been Here Before
The Superstitious Magic Show
Easter Rising and Thereafter
I Loved Lucy
The Fairground Magic Show
The Cause
I Loved Lucy
Mirando the Gay
Linking Rings
After the Blue
New Dickensian
Thrill Me: The Leopold & Loeb Story
Desperate Measures
Tea with the Old Queen
Dry Land
Amanda Waring - A Glass Half Full
The First Man
Novello & Son
See What I Wanna See
Tea with the Old Queen
VIVIEN: Letter to Larry
The Sideshow of Wonders
Farewell to the Theatre
Valerie Hobson
The Superstitious Magic Show
Told Look Younger
Late Night Magic
Jeremy Hunter - North Korea Exposed: Propaganda and the Cult of the Kim/Daily life in the Hermit Kingdom
The Dirty Talk
Home for Wayward Women
Novello & Son
Jerry's Girls
Pint Sized
A Level Playing Field
An Evening of Magic and Astonishment
The Heart of Things
The Last of the De Mullins
Blind Date
Ivy & Joan
The Green Bay Tree
Flowers of The Forest
First Episode
VIVIEN: Letter to Larry
The Return of the Soldier
Natural Affection
Flight Lessons
South Africa Season
Statements After an Arrest Under the Immorality Act
Under a Foreign Sky
District 6, Our Buckingham Palace
The Man in the Green Jacket
Doreen Mantle
Janet Suzman
Audrey Brown
Closer Than Ever
Xara Vaughan
An Evening with Helen Fraser
The Notorious Mrs Ebbsmith
Satan Sings Mostly Sondheim
Away from Home
Away from Home
Susan Black
Valerie Hobson
Paul Daniels The First Farewell Tour From Legend to Leg End!
The White Carnation
Tea with the Old Queen
Anton Chekhov's Vaudevilles and Other Sketches
Return to Sender
Two Birds and a Bloke
The Little Beasts (What Happens to Naughty Children)
Death Ship 666
Halbwelt Kultur
Tis the Season
Miserable Lesbians
The Potsdam Quartet
Edith Piaf
Letter to Larry
Tea with the Old Queen
Late Night Magic
A Victorian Eye
The Fantasticks
Spoonface Steinberg
Soldiers' Wives
Socrates and His Clouds
And in the End The Death and Life of John Lennon