Wild Card - Humanhood



Wild Card is a Sadler's Wells initiative that gives artists the opportunity to present the work of their choice. It aims to bring fresh ideas to the stage by giving young creators a platform to share the work they admire.

Humanhood's universe lands with a specially curated evening which is part of our popular Wild Card series. Bringing fresh perspectives from a new generation of dance-makers, Wild Card hands over the curation of the Lilian Baylis Studio to artists, this time Rudi Cole and J?lia Robert Par?s, the company's founders. Humanhood is based in Birmingham and has a rapidly growing following. Their work is rooted in a physics and astrophysics as well as in their personal research into Eastern mysticism. They are fascinated by the connections that lie between these seemingly different fields and how these shape our knowledge of ourselves. Their evening is a sensorial invitation, creating visual and sonic experiences taking you to a place beyond the senses. Alongside special guest artists, this is a chance to see this young company's latest works, including ZERO.