Soho Later with Sarah Kendall Venue and Location

Soho Theatre
21 Dean Street, Inner London, Greater London W1D 3NE

Soho Theatre

21 Dean Street Inner London, Greater London W1D 3NE


Opened 20 Jan 2012. (Open Run)

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Opened 26 Nov 2011. (Open Run)

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Opened 24 May 2018. Closing 30 Jun 2018

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Opened 20 Jun 2018. Closing 30 Jun 2018

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Pat Cahill - The Fisherman
Stuart Goldsmith
Stu Goldsmith - Like I Mean It
Sophie Willan - Branded
Pieter-Dirk Uys - Nobody's Died Laughing: A Journey With Pieter-Dirk Uys
Reuben Kaye
Brennan Reece - Everlong
Pieter-Dirk Uys - The Echo of a Noise
Rory Scovel - Far from True
Twayna Mayne - Black Girl
Edd Hedges - Wonderland
Phil Wang
Sugar Baby
Dane Baptiste - G.O.D. (Gold. Oil. Drugs)
Laughing Stock
Loyiso Gola - Unlearning
Bec Hill
Tiff Stevenson - Bombshell
Rattle Snake
Francesco De Carlo - Comfort Zone
Shappi Khorsandi - Mistress and Misfit
Great British Mysteries?
One Green Bottle
Sarah Kendall - One-Seventeen
Larry Dean - Fandan
Desiree Burch - Unf*ckable
Nina Conti - Nina Conti is Monkey
Frankie Vah
Anuvab Pal - The Empire
Stephen Bailey - Can't Think Straight
Tom Lucy - Needs to Stop Showing Off in Front of His Friends
Joel Creasey
Tom Neenan - Attenborough
Rachel Parris - Keynote
Bang Said the Gun
Alasdair Beckett-King - The Alasdair Beckett-King Mysteries
Tessa Coates - Primates
Shazia Mirza - With Love From St Tropez
Daniel Cook
Flo & Joan - The Kindness of Stranglers
Comedy Club 4 Kids
Steve Gribbin
Half Breed
David Hoyle - Diamond
David Hoyle - Diamond
Angela Barnes - Fortitude
Comedy Club for Kids
Tom Allen - Absolutely
The Crick Crack Club - Red Bead Woman
Tom Allen - Absolutely
Bilal Zafar - Biscuit
Rob Auton - The Hair Show
The Horne Section
Jarlath Regan
Luisa Omielan - Politics for Bitches
Matt Forde - A Show Hastily Rewritten in Light of Recent Events - Again!
Bobby Mair - Loudly Insecure
Simon Munnery
Rob Cawsey: Just Cruising
Tez Ilyas - Teztify
George Egg - DIY Chef
Jack Barry
Rob Kemp - The Elvis Dead
Simon Evans - Genius
Suzi Ruffell - Keeping it Classy
Joseph Morpurgo - Hammerhead
Ari Eldjarn - Pardon My Iclandic
Dina Martina - Creme de la Dregs
God's Dice
Fern Brady - Suffer Fools
Festival of the Spoken Nerd - You Can't Polish a Nerd
Rob Newman - Total Eclipse of Descartes
Ahir Shah - Control
Mark Watson
Sofie Hagen - Dead Baby Frog
Shappi Khorsandi - Mistress and Misfit
Hannah Gadsby - Nanette
Mae Martin - Dope
Michael McIntyre - Work in Progress
Nina Conti
Bridget Christie - What Now? Work in Progress
Kiri Pritchard-McLean - Appropriate Adult
Lloyd Griffith - Undated
Rhys James
Adam Riches - The Inane Chicanery of a Certain Adam GC Riches: Edinburgh Preview
Lauren Pattison - Lady Muck
Andy Parsons - Slacktivist Action Group
Hasan Minhaj
Darren Harriott - Defiant
Kwame Asante - Open Arms
Bridget Christie - What Now? Work in Progress
Ivo Graham - Educated Guess
Trygve Wakenshaw & Barnie Duncan - Different Party
Rob Kemp: The Elvis Dead
Rob Newman - Total Eclipse of Descartes
Rob Newman - Total Eclipse of Descartes
Luisa Omielan - Politics for Bitches
Natalie Palamides - LAID
Natalie Palamides - LAID
Andy Zaltzman - The Certifiable History
Harry Hill - Adventures in Entertainment
Joseph Morpurgo - Hammerhead
Late Night Gimp Fight
Spencer Jones - The Audition
Andy Zaltzman - 2016 - The Certifiable History
Ongals: Babbling Comedy
Sinners Club
Jeff Garlin
Casual Violence - The Grot in the Grotto
Sofie Hagen - Dead Baby Frog
The Empty Hand
Andy Parsons - Slacktivist Action Group
Lucy McCormick: Triple Threat
Jayde Adams - Jayde Adams is Jayded
Wild Bore
Kai Humphries - Punch Drunk
Pecs: The 80's Show
The Pretend Men - Police Cops in Space
Phil Wang - Kinabalu
Daniel Sloss - NOW
Samantha Baines - 1 Woman, A High-Flyer and Flat Bottom
Steen Raskopoulos - The Coolest Kid in Competitive Chess
Night's End
Nick Cody - On Fire
Elf Lyons - Swan
Sean Hughes
Jordan Brookes - Body of Work
Harry Hill - Adventures in Entertainment
Fin Taylor - Lefty Tighty Righty Looset
The Butch Monologues
Jon Pointing - Act Natural
Ronny Chieng
Typhoon West - Opportunity Pandas and Peace
Dr Brown's Devised Ensemble
Am I Dead Yet?
Danny Bhoy - Make Something Great Again For Stronger Better Future
David Hoyle
Dave Johns - I, Fillum Star
Joe Lycett - LOLS in Progress
The Crick Crack Club - Under the Eyes of Baron Samedi
The Horne Section
Clowning with Doctor Brown-ing
Hannah Gadsby - Nanette
Frank Skinner - The Man With No Show
The End of Hope
Lloyd Griffith - Undated
Lloyd Griffith - Undated
A Dangerous Woman
A Dangerous Woman
Le Gateau Chocolat - Icons
Pajama Men - Pterodactyl Nights
Joseph Morpurgo - Hammerhead
Nathan Caton - The Pursuit of Happoness
Aditi Mittal - Global Village Idiot
Mat Ewins - Adventure Man - the Return of Adventure Man
Tim Key - Megadate
Ivo Graham
Mae Martin
Kerry Godliman - Stick or Twist
Michael McIntyre - Work in Progress
Rhys Nicholson - I'm Fine
Rhys Nicholson - I'm Fine
Rhys Nicholson
Tony Law - Absurdity for the Common People
Ahir Shah - Control
The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflote)
Diane Chorley - Rhythm of Live
John Kearns
Half Breed
Mae Martin - Dope
Vir Das - The Boarding Das World Tour
Katy Brand
Anne Edmonds - No Offence, None Taken
Michael McIntyre - Work in Progress
Laura Davis - Cake in the Rain
Adam Hess - Cactus
Abandoman - Life + Rhymes
Dara O'Briain
Dylan Moran
Tom Ballard - Problematic
Nazeem Hussain - Public Frenemy
Urzila Carlson - First Edition
How (Not) To Live in Suburbia
Matt Okine - We Made You
Bourgeois & Maurice - Style Over Substance - A 10 Year Retro-speculative
Gad Elmaleh
Brent Morin
Greg Proops - The Smartes Man in the World
Hasan Minhaj
The Comedy Happening
Kevin Bridges - Work in Progress
James Veitch - Dot Con (and Some Extra Bits)
zazU - Part III: Raisins to Stay Alive
zazU - A Fete Worse Than Death
zazU - Part I: The Beginning
Luke Heggie - Rough Diamante
Sam Simmons - A-K
Lady Rizo - Red, White and Indigo
Tonic Celebrations - Marianne Eliott
Half Breed
Sean Hughes - Blank Book
Anne Edmonds - No Offence, None Taken
Denim - DENIM & Friends
Joseph Morpurgo - Hammerhead - Work-in-Progress
Spencer Jones - The Audition
Jack Rooke - Happy Hour
Finding Nana
Aditi Mittal - Villiage Idiot
Andy Parsons - Peak Bullsh*t
The Scar Test
Late Night Gimp Fight - Work in Progress
John Robertson - Arena Spectacular
Wil Greenway - The Way the City Ate the Stars
Mae Martin - & Friends
Ahir Shah - Edinburgh Preview
Jerry Sadowitz - Card Tricks with Inappropriate Patter
Shappi Khorsandi - Mistress and Misfit - Work in Progress
Alexei Sayle - Work in Progress
Rubberbandits - Work in Progress
Frankie Boyle - Work in Progress
Jayde Adams - Jayde Adams is Jayded (work in progress)
Elf Lyons - Pelican
Judith Lucy & Denise Scott - Disappointments
Jerry Sadowitz - Card Tricks with Inappropriate Patter
Lady Bunny - Trans-Jester
Denim - DENIM & Friends
Roller Diner
Jerry Sadowitz
Frankie Boyle
Zoe Lyons - Little Misfit
Chris Stokes
Scott Gibson - Life After Death
The Lounge
Jonny & The Baptists - Eat the Poor
All the Things I Lied About
Sofie Hagen - Work in Progress
Expensive Shit
Sophie Willan - On Record
Expensive Shit
Lucy McCormick: Triple Threat
Adam Kay - Fingering A Minor On the Piano
Executioner Number One
Seymour Mace
Panti Bliss - High Heels in Low Places
Nish Kumar - Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Unless You Shout the Words Real Loud
Tez Ilyas - Made in Britain
Don't Wake The Damp
Made in India
He Had Hairy Hands
The Boy Who Kicked Pigs
Eddie Izzard - Force Majeure 333
Lucy Porter - Consequences
Lazy Susan
Shazia Mirza - The Kardashians Made Me Do It
James Acaster - Reset
James Acaster
James Acaster
Larry Dean
Two Man Show
Stephen K Amos - World Famous
Angelos & Barry - Angelos & Barry: The New Power Generator
How (Not) To Live in Suburbia
Mr Swallow - Houdini
Police Cops
Kieran Hodgson - Maestro
Letters to Windsor House
Rory Bremner
Shappi Khorsandi - Oh My Country: from Morris Dancing to Morrissey
Only Bones
Richard Gadd - Monkey See Monkey Do
Scott Gibson: Life After Death
Alison Thea-Skot - It's Thea-Skot in Here (So Take Off All Your Clothes)
Le Gateau Chocolat - Icons
Andy Zaltzman - 2016 - The Certifiable History
Jayde Adams - 13
Dr. Carnesky's Incredible Bleeding Woman
Michelle Wolf - So Brave
Jinx Monsoon and Major Scales: Unwrapped
Bits of Me are Falling Apart
Richard Gadd - Monkey See Monkey Do
Daphne's Second Show
Vir Das - Unbelievable: The Dishonest Indian
Bourgeois & Maurice - How to Save the World Without Really Trying
The Glenda J Collective
Matt Forde - It's My Political Party (And I'll Cry if I Want to)
The Duke
Soho Rising
Rubberbandits - Continental Fistfight - Soho Theatre Live
Adam Hess - Feathers
Dane Baptiste - Discussions About Nothing & Everything - Soho Theatre Live
Pajama Men - 2 - Man 3 Musketeers
Two Man Show
Sam Simmons - Not a People Person
Penny Arcade - Longing Last longer
Burning Doors
Susie Youssef - Check Youssef Before You Wreck Youssef
Tom Ballard - The World Keeps Happening
Christeene: Trigger
Nazeem Hussain - Hussain in the Membrane
Zoe Coombs-Marr - Trigger Warning
Tom Walker - Beep Boop
Steen Raskopoulos - You Know the Drill
Heartbeats & Algorithms
The Listies - 6D (Twice As Good as 3D)
Hannah Gadsby - Dogmatic
Isy Suttie - The Actual One
Stuart Bowden - Wilting in Reverse
The Listies - 6D (Twice As Good as 3D)
Aditi Mittal - Things They Wouldn't Let Me Say
Our Lady J - Gospel for the Godless - Remixed
Doug Anthony Allstars (DAAS): Live on Stage!
Kate Berlant - Communikate
Casual Violence - Slow Fade to Bleak
Aunty Donna - New Show
Luisa Omielan - What Would Beyonce Do?!
Zoe Coombs - Marr: Trigger Warning
Sam Campbell - The Last Dreamer
The Gideon & Hubcap Show
Tiger Lillies - Love for Sale
Luna Park
Lucy McCormick: Triple Threat
Simon Slack: The Fantasist
Pappy's Presents... The Secret Dudes Society
An Evening with an Immigrant
Andy Zaltzman - Satirist for Hire
This Much (or An Act of Violence Towards the Institution of Marriage)
Little Red Riding Hood and Other Lost Girls
Monster Raving Loony
Radiant Vermin
Eggs Collective Get a Round
Richard Herring - Happy Now?
You, Me and Everything Else
Wendy Hoose
Punching the Sky
The Passion of Lady Vendredi
Gabriel Bisset-Smith - Gabriel Bisset-Smith Tells The Most Original And Funny Joke In The Universe!
Stuart Goldsmith - An Hour
Micky Flanagan - Work in Progress
Phil Jerrod - Neanderthal
Michael Mittermeier - Das Blackout
Angela Barnes - Come As You Are
Adam Riches - Adam Riches is Coach Coach
Comedy Club 4 Kids
Simon Munnery
What I Learned from Johnny Bevan
Simon Munnery
Nick Cody - Beard Game Strong
Lolly Adefope
Paul Sinha - Postcards from the Z List
Ursula Martinez - Free Admission
Joseph Morpurgo - Soothing Sounds for Baby
zazU Comedy - A Fete Worse Than Death
Rob Auton - The Water Show
Tanyalee Davis
Joel Dommett - Conquer
Bridget Christie - A Book For Her
The Story Beast
Al Porter - Al Porter is Yours
Daniel Sloss - Dark Revoir
John Robbins - Speakeasy
Beasts - Live DVD
Robert Newman - The Brain Show
Trygve Wakenshaw (NZ) - Nautilus
Police Cops
Kieran Hodgson - Lance
Seymour Mace - Niche As F*ck
Anne Edmonds - You Know What I'm Like
Larry Dean - Out Now!
Michael McIntyre - Work in Progress
Jonny Woo & Le Gateau Chocolate - A Night at the Musicals
Jessie Cave - I Loved Her
Sam Simmons - Spaghetti for Breakfast
Kim Noble - You Are Not Alone
Sofie Hagen - Bubblewrap
Bears in Space
Foil, Arms and Hog - Skiddlywup
Tim Key & Tom Basden - Freeze!
Diane Chorley - Ding Dong Merrily Diane
Funz & Gamez Tooz
Matt Okine - The Other Guy
Police Cops
How to Keep an Alien
Pajama Men - Pterodactyl Nights
Pajama Men - 2: Man 3 Musketeers
Nath Valvo - Grindr: A Love Story?
Max & Ivan - The End
The Session
Andrew Maxwell - Yo Contraire!
Jen Kirkman
Loyiso Gola - Tall Tales
First Love is the Revolution
Kyle Kinane - Ghost Pizza Party
Alfie Brown - Ism
Kyle Kinane - Ghost Pizza Party
Fake It 'Til You Make It
Vesper Time
Sam Simmons - Spaghetti for Breakfast
Backstage in Biscuit Land
Tonight I'm Gonna Be The New Me
Jonny Woo - and Band: Transformer
Tom Ballard - Taxis & Rainbows & Hatred
Peter York - How to Become a Nicer Type of Person
Danny Bhoy - Work in Progress
Zoe Coombs - Marr:Dave
Ronny Chieng - Chieng Reaction
Corey White - The Cane Toad Effect
Greg Proops - The Smartest Man in the World Podcast
A Lie
Iliza Shlesinger - Freezing Hot
Pictures of You
Simon Evans - In the Money
Bears in Space
Shappi Khorsandi - Work in Progress
Colin Hoult - Messing Around with Ouija Boards
Eastend Cabaret - Perverts
Kerry Godliman - Work in Progress
Daniel Koren - The Most Important Thing
David Baddiel - Work in Progress
Jerry Sadowitz - Edinburgh Preview
Dancing Brick - I'm Not Here Right Now
Rhys Nicholson - Forward
Tonight with Donny Stixx
Arj Barker - Get in My Head
Puddles Pity Party
An Evening with an Immigrant
Simon Munnery - Fylm School
John Mulaney
Tales from the Crips: A Tribute to Stella Young
Steen Raskopoulos - Character Assassin
Standby for Tape Backup
Joel Creasey - The Hurricane
My Father and Other Superheroes
Stuart Bowden - Before Us
The Wow Wow Show! with Dan Clark
Jake Johannsen
SYC Comedy Lab Sharing - Skills and Sketch
Diane Chorley
Alex Horne - Monsieur Butterfly
The Pyramid Texts
Carl-Einar Hackner - Shards
Wil Anderson - Free Wil
Bourgeois & Maurice and David Hoyle - Middle of the Road
The Harvest
The Wow Wow Show! with Dan Clark
Stuart Goldsmith - The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith
Cariad & Paul - A Two Player Adventure
Andy Parsons - Live and Unleashed - But Naturally Cautious
Alfie Brown - Work in Progress
Nazeem Hussain - Legally Brown
Des Bishop - Made in China
Sheeps - Wembley Previews
Tim Renkow - Tim Renkow: At Least Hell Has Ramps
Markus Birdman - Grimm Realities
Jarred Christmas - Hotfoot Papa
Bridget Christie - An Ungrateful Woman
Death of a Comedian
Sami Shah - I, Migrant
Ed Gamble - Gambletron 5000
Jonny & The Baptists - Rock the Vote
David Elms - Nature Boy
Figs in Wigs: Show Off
Vikki Stone - Instrumental
Arthur Smith - Sings Leonard Cohen - The Extended Mix
Rachel Parris - Live in Vegas
Paul Currie - Release the Baboons
Josh Howie - Aids - A Survivor's Story
Catriona Knox - Catriona Knox Thinks She's Hard Enough
Iain Stirling - Everything
Holly Walsh - Never Had It
Number 1, The Plaza
Number 1, The Plaza
Radiant Vermin
John Robins - This Tornado Loves You
Felicity Ward - The Iceberg
Sven Ratzke
Ray Peacock - Here Comes Trouble
The Beta Males - Happenstance
I Heart Catherine Pistachio
John-Luke Roberts - Stnad-Up
Susie Essman
Simon Munnery - Simon Munnery sings Soren Kierkegaard
Alexis Dubus - Cars and Girls
Joel Dommett - Finding Emo
Stephen K Amos - Welcome to My World
Alex Edelman - Millennial
Pajama Men - Work in Progress
Kim Noble - You Are Not Alone
The Red Chair
Dracula! (Mr Swallow - The Musical)
Dane Baptiste - Citizen Dane
Alex Edelman - Millennial
Doctor Brown - Trilogy: Befrdfgth
Bridget Christie - An Ungrateful Woman
Lazy Susan - Extreme Humans
Doctor Brown - Trilogy: Becaves
Lucy Beaumont - We Can Twerk It Out
Trygve Wakenshaw (NZ) - Kraken
Gein's Family Giftshop: Volume 1
Tony Law - Enter The Tonezone
Doctor Brown - Triolgy: Because
Tamasha - Scratch Night: Two's Company
Phil Ellis - Funz & Gamez
Adam Riches - Adam of the Riches
Theatre Uncut
James Acaster - Recognise
Joel Creasey - Rock God
Simon Munnery - Fylm School
Last Christmas
Richard Gadd - Breaking Gadd
Nick Helm - Merry Christmas Motherf**kers!
The Pin
Miss Behave's Gameshow - Christmas Special
Nina Conti
Birthday Girls - Party Vibes
James Rhodes
Sophie Wu - Sophie Wu is Minging, She Looks Like She's Dead
Alfie Brown - Divorced from Reality (And My Wife)
Romesh Ranganathan - Rom Wasn't Built in a Day
Sam Simmons - Death of a Sails-Man
Dan Clark - Me, My Selfie and I
Pajama Men - Pterodactyl Nights
The Horne Section
John Safran: Murder in Mississippi
Lou Sanders - Lou Sanders in Another Great Show Again
Shappi Khorsandi - Because I'm Shappi
Ivo Graham - Bow Ties and Johnnies
Sara Pascoe - Sara Pascoe Vs History
The Pin
Bridget Christie - An Ungrateful Woman
Glenn Wool This Road Has Tolls
Wet House
Alun Cochrane - Me Neither
Ivo Graham - Bow Ties and Johnnies
The Crick Crack Club - Her...Performance Storytelling by Xanthe Gresham
Twisted Loaf - Half Baked
Comedy Showcase
James Acaster - Recognise
Celia Pacquola - Let Me Know How it All Works Out
Ahmed Ahmed - Ahmedica
Gein's Family Giftshop: Volume 1
Rubberbandits - Continental Fistfight
Oh I Can't Be Bothered
Bobby Mair - Off Meds
Steen Raskopoulos - I'm Wearing Two Suits Because I Mean Business
John Kearns - Shtick
Guilt & Shame - Going Straight
James Veitch
Loretta Maine - Strong Independent Woman (Unless I'm Tired)
Chris Turner - Pretty Fly
Beasts - Solo
Eastend Cabaret
Angela Barnes - You Can't Take It With You
Lucy Beaumont - We Can Twerk It Out
Luisa Omielan - Am I Right Ladies?!
Andy Zaltzman - Satirist for Hire
John Conway - John Conway Tonight
Lady Rizo
Cardinal Burns
La traviata
Hannah Gadsby - The Exhibitionist
Rhys Nicholson Eurgh
Steen Raskopoulos I'm Wearing Two Suits Because I Mean Business
Tom Rhodes Colossus
Neil Hamburger
Luke McGregor I Worry That I Worry Too Much
Simon Evans Leashed
Sean Hughes Work in Progress
Dave Hughes
Anthony Jeselnik
Luisa Omielan Work in Progress
Judah Friedlander A Night of Stand Up Comedy
Inheritance Blues
Pieter-Dirk Uys An Audience with Pieter-Dirk Uys
The Boss of it All
Christeene: The Christeene Machine
Sophie Wu Sophie Wu is Minging, She Looks Like She's Dead
Goodbye Gunther
Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall Success Arms
Dead Wait
Jack Dee Jack Dee's Helpdesk
Kyle Kinane
Nina Conti Cabaret
Brendon Burns Hasn't Heard of You Either
The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society
Stuart Bowden She Was Probably Not a Robot
Christeene: The Christeene Machine
Major Tom
Doctor Brown The Bexperiment
The Horne Section
Michael Mittermeier Das Blackout
Bryony Kimmings Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model
Soho Young Writers
Schoolwrights Etta In the Night/Leftovers/The Princess Party/The Difference/Still Lives/How I Skinned My Sister Jane/Diana's Answer
Aamer Rahman The Truth Hurts
Rich Hall Hoedown
Tom Rosenthal
Die Roten Punkte Kunst Rock (Art Rock)
Michael Che Cartoon Violence
Choose Your Own Documentary
Sara Pascoe Sara Pascoe vs. The Truth
Carey Marx Intensive Carey
Nick Helm Masterworks in Progress
Adrienne Truscott's Asking for It
Nina Conti Cabaret
David Morgan Pretty
Le Gateau Chocolat Black
Marcus Brigstocke J'Accuse - I am Marcus
Ian Smith Anything
The Crick Crack Club The Master Thief
Al Murray - the Pub Landlord One Man One Guvnor (Work in Progress)
Diane Spencer Hurricane Diane
Joey Page
Shirley & Shirley Carnage
Joe Bor Joe Bor is Jasper Cromwell Jones
Bobby Mair Obviously Adopted
Jack Dee's Helpdesk
Gruff Rhys American Interior
Cahill, Kearns, Stephenson, Target
Captain Amazing
La Merda (The Shit)
Richard Gadd Cheese and Crack Whores
Katherine Ryan Glam Role Model
Never Try this At Home
Ben Hart The Outsider
Seann Walsh The Lie-In King
Comedy Club 4 Kids
Riding the Midnight Express with Billy Hayes
Bitch Boxer
Dark Vanilla Jungle
Marc Lottering This is Captain Lottering Speaking
Nina Conti Cabaret
The One
Rachel Parris The Commission
The Pin
Do the Right Thing
The Husbands
Carl Donnelly Now That's What I Call Donnelly Vol. 5
Lynn Ruth Miller Granny's Gone Wild
Bob and Jim Sex Fire
Twonkey's Blue Cadabra with Paul Vickers
Brett Goldstein Contains Scenes of An Adult Nature
Henry Parker Classic Parker
The Crick Crack Club Shakespeare with Cucumbers & other stories
Marlon Davis Crackin' Up
How to be Immortal
Tim Key
Henry Parker
David Mills I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Cry
Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen (Volume Too)
Ivo Graham Binoculars
Ahir Shah Anatomy
Iain Stirling At Home
Rubberbandits Continental Fistfight
Probe Dance Company Running on Empty
Choose Your Own Documentary
Tom Rhodes
Mike Wozniak Take the Hit
David Trent This is All I Have
Kurt Braunohler Here's Where It Gets Weird
The Ugly Sisters
Aisling Bea C'est La Bea
John Kearns Sight Gags for Perverts
John Robbins Where is my Mind?
Jamie Demetriou People Day
Romesh Ranganathan Rom Com
Paul Currie
Lucy Hopkins: Le Foulard (Art Show)
Casual Violence House of Nostril
Robert Newman Theory of Evolution
Liam Williams
That Pair Never Liked Her Anyway
Alfie Brown The Revolting Youth
Tony Law Nonsense Overdrive
Luisa Omielan What Would Beyonce Do?!
The Night Before Christmas
Lady Rizo
Nish Kumar Nish Kumar: Is a Comedian
Late Night Gimp Fight
Sue: The Second Coming
Holly Burn Holly Burn's Hoo-Hah!: H Club Christmas Spectac-Yule
Zhe (Noun) Undefined
Bridget Christie A Bic for Her
Rich Fulcher Rich Fulcher: And His F*cked Up Friends
The Thinking Drinkers Guide to Alcohol
Billy the Girl
Frank Skinner Man in a Suit
Andy De La Tour Stand Up or Die in New York
Edward Aczel Lives in a Meaningless Shed
Arnold Brown Arnold Brown: Introduces... "& Why Not?"
So Comedy Night Voices in Your Head
The Only Way is Chelsea's
Andrew Maxwell Banana Kingdom
James Acaster Lawnmower
So Comedy Night Voices in Your Head
Bobby Mair Obviously Adopted
Romesh Ranganathan Rom Com
Felicity Ward Irregardless
Piff the Magic Dragon
Barb Jungr Mad About the Boy and No Regrets
Bryony Kimmings Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model
Susie Essman
Max & Ivan The Reunion
Mae Martin Slumber Party
Joey Arias
Joe Lycett If Joe Lycett Then You Should've Put A Ring On It
Claudia O'Doherty Pioneer
There Has Possibly Been an Incident
Matt Okine Being Black N Chicken N Shit
Ronny Chieng The Ron Way
Mark Nelson Under the Radar
Sam Simmons Shitty Trivia
Shappi Khorsandi Work in Progress
Luke McGregor My Soulmate is Out of My League
Nina Conti Dolly Mixtures
Celia Pacquola Delayed
James Rhodes
Dickie Beau Blackouts
Hotbed Festival of New Writing
Why Can't We Live Together?
Address Unknown
What Did It Feel Like To Go To The Moon?
How to Begin
The Art of Dying
Return of the Vanishing Peasant
Agent Everywhere
The Art of Dying
Why Can't We Live Together?
How to Begin
Dark Vanilla Jungle
Rich Hall Rich Hall's Hoedown
SYC Comedy Lab Sharing
Paul F. Tompkins Crying and Driving
David Baddiel Fame - Not the Musical: David Baddiel Work-in-Progress
Steve Richards Rock 'n' Roll Politics
Andrew Maxwell Work-in-Progress: Banana Kingdom
Inconnu a Cette Adresse
Russell Brand Messiah Complex
Ronna and Beverly
Four Screws Loose
Joel Dommett
Even Stillness Breathes Softly Against a Brick Wall
Jarred Christmas Let's Go Mofo
Scott Capurro Islamahomophobia
Luisa Omielan What Would Beyonce Do?!
Wil Anderson Goodwil
Judah Friedlander The World Champion Judah Friedlander
Peacock and Gamble Don't Even Want To Be On Telly Anyway