Scrooge and the Seven Dwarfs - A Three Man Family Pantomime

1hr. 30min.


A festive treat for those who don't want to get stuck in the past... One cold Christmas Eve night, Mr Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, who transports him back in time in a bid to change his ways. However the spirit makes a minor miscalculation and takes Mr Scrooge back too far - to the time of fairy tales and magic. With only a few dwarves to help him, Mr Scrooge must work out how to make it back to the present day before it's too late.. Will Scrooge make it back in time for Christmas? Or will he be trapped in the fairy-tale kingdom forever?

Join these three performers as they recreate every character you'd expect to find in a Pantomime, as well as some you might not... whilst still doing their best to sing, dance and fight their way through ninety minutes of panto pandemonium.