Made In Britain



What if one day you woke up and realised that no one cares what you have to say? That there's no real way for you to make your mark? That you haven't got a chance and, more importantly, you never had a chance? What would you do, finally, to get your point across? Danny's had enough, he's been told all his life to follow his dreams but it's all been a lie. After the death of his father he decides he must do something. With not a penny in his pocket and with anger in his heart, he makes his way down to London to the G8 summit with a can of petrol and some matches. Nina's mum's ill and she's off to London to meet the one other person that made her; she's off to see her estranged father. But instead of a family reunion, she finds herself covered in blood, slumped on a patch of grass, surrounded by G8 protestors. These two characters meet and form an unlikely friendship. In a world of so much ugliness and anger can they save each other, or is it just too late for both of them? Made in Britain explores the disenfranchisement of today's youth, pain, friendship and the politics of protest.