Little Stitches



An evening of four plays each tackling the subject of female genital mutilation (FGM)

Where Do I Start? - Real life testimonies reveal the views of those working on the frontline of FGM - an activist with over 20 years experience, a charity worker who has campaigned throughout Africa, and a midwife who gives crucial support to UK-based survivors, engaging all in the debate about what can and can't be done to prevent FGM worldwide. However, it is the voice of Felicity - a FGM survivor living in London - that can explain what FGM is really like, beyond the facts, figures, and media sound bites. Sleight of Hand - How well do you know your neighbors? If something unspeakable was happening next door, would you know about it? And what would you do if you found out? Dancing Feet - Two women celebrate a child's leap into womanhood - but their efforts aren?t taking the desired effect. Left with each other?s company and uneasy reflections, they try to get the party started and weigh the cost of their actions ... Dancing Feet is a response to the testimonies of FGM survivors and the ?wedding day without pictures?, focusing on the women who propagate the practice of FGM. Mutant - Like any other 14 year old, Safa has big plans for her summer holidays. But her world is transformed when she finds herself powerless amidst those closest to her. She has to reconcile herself with the actions of others whilst a doctor confronts the consequences of his own. They seek choice but suffer the silencing force of cultural hegemony ... from both sides. Recommended for ages 13+. Running time: approx. 85mins with no interval.


Guest Blog: 'Most people turn away at the mention of FGM' - 22 Aug 2014

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