Caroline Bowditch - Falling in Love with Frida

1hr. 15min.


Falling in Love with Frida is an intimate and enticing performance that explores the life, loves and legacy of painter Frida Kahlo (1907-1954). It is a reclaiming of a disabled artist, a love-like obsession, and an enquiry into how we shape what we are remembered for and how much can we really control others' memories of us. It exposes many little-known facts about the infamous woman, remembered for her art. Where affinities and parallels are drawn, happy distractions are employed and a tale of 'the great concealer' is skillfully revealed by and through powerful yet fragile bodies. I know you so well. I know the things you like to eat, The clothes that hang inside your wardrobe, I know where you sleep, the music you lay down to. I've sat in your garden and at your table. I know you left your mark on everything, including their hearts. They all fell in love with you. I've never met you, but I've done it too. Running time: 50mins