Breaking up is Hard to Do

1hr. 50min.


Set during the 1960 Labour Day weekend at "Esther's Paradise Resort Hotel" in Catskills, New York, the show features friends Marge and Lois from Brooklyn, looking for a good time and romance. They are hoping to find "Where the boys are" as Marge has been jilted at the alter and doesn't want to be "Solitaire" so takes Lois to her honeymoon destination. Catskills is a resort which showcased young entertainers and Neil Sedaka met his wife of 54 years, Leba, at her Mother's hotel there and contributed many of his own ventures into the book. Inevitably two boys come along and the foursome together with Esther and the local comedian whisk us to 1960s colours and costume and the heat of Neil Sedaka's singable catchy tunes. You WILL leave humming one of your favourites, but which one?