Boris Got Bu**ered/Ramazanland is Freedomland



Boris Got Bu**ered - Somewhere deep in the bowels of the Russian civil service, the wheels of legislation turn unhindered. But when one cog in the mechanism decides something isn't quite right, will it mean putting on the brakes or being chewed up by the machine? Young Boris, straight out of university and new to the real workings of the Duma soon has misgivings about the work he's being asked to do, which has implications upon his conscience. Ramazanand is Freedom - It's a glorious spring, and the occupants of a camp deep in the heart of Chechnya are having a gay old time of it. Perhaps not the welcome break from everyday life it seems though. This holiday could turn out to be something quite different to what Billy Butlin had in mind. Knobbly knees contests, egg and spoon races and tea dances are far from the kind of activities that go on at Ramazanland. For Arbi and his fellow "residents", the games have no winners and even going home could turn out to be the booby prize.

Part of King's Head Queer Season