An Offer You Can't Refuse Venue and Location

The Hen and Chickens Theatre
109 St Paul's Road, Inner London, Greater London N1 2NA

The Hen and Chickens Theatre

109 St Paul's Road Inner London, Greater London N1 2NA


Opened 20 Jan 2017. (Open Run)

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Lord of the Game of the Ring of Thrones
Lost in Thought
Lauren Pattison and Joe Sutherland
Richard Pictures
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Susan Harrison and William Andrews
Love Lab
Passages to Somewhere
The Wily Widow
In Jay
Contrary Girl
Comedy Shop
The Bosun's Delight - Walking the Plank
Dave & Emmanuel - Pretty Much the Same
Ellyn Daniels - Emotional Terrorism
Sister Mary's Playtime
Big Fat Gay
Africa Entsha
Liberty City
The Inmate Monologues
Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons
27 Wagons Full of Cotton
Hello from Bertha
The Improverts
Hamlet Part II
Mum's the Word
Funny Rabbit
The Right Ballerina
Danny O'Brien - Ah Jaysus!
Theatre76: Birth, Death & God
Four Femmes on the Thames
Jim and Dave Have Lost the Dressing Room
An Evening with Cock and Fanny
James Farmer - Can't Adult, Won't Adult
Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
Mixed Doubles
Madame Katastroff - Night of Oddities
Angus Dunican: The Vanity Project
Sarah Kendall - Shaken
Animal (Are You a Proper Person?)
Theatre76: Death & Glory - Thalassa/I The Jury/Another Girl/Dad & Di
Think Tank
Jonathan Hearn - Always jOn, Never jOff
The Hole
Kitten Killers - Work in Progress
Rory O'Keeffe - Monoglot: a work-in-progress
The Improverts
Brendon Burns
Madame Senorita - ?ERES TU?
Abigoliah Schamaun - Post-Coital Confession
A Prayer
Kitten Killers - The Museum of Comedy
Aidan Goatley - Mr Blue Sky
I Have Never
Acts of Redemption
We Just Keep Going
In Cahoots
Clare Plested - The Essential Collection
zazU - Edinburgh Preview: A Fete Worse Than Death
In Cahoots
Badge of Shame
The Britannia Fury
Short Cuts - Roast/Mama Knows Best/Flap 'em on the Gate/Invisible Woman
Witches and Bitches... and a Couple of Good Girls Too
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Chic BonBons...An experience like no other
Where's Your Mama Gone?
Witches and Bitches... and a Couple of Good Girls Too
Pete Firman - Work in Progress
Lessons to Dissect a Heart
The Mini Love Fest 2015
Danny Ward - Back In the Bunker (work in progress)
Dead Ghost Star
Plague of Idiots
Walking Through Wire
Jody Kamili - One Man Variety Show
The LYNN Project
Charles Booth - Go Thank Yourself!
Stuart Laws - When's This Gonna Stop
The Proposal/To Be a Wife
Stephen Foster
The Monotonous Drum
Spoofing for Gordon
Anthea's Hot Jazz Cocktail
Absolutely Improv-able!
21 Things You Should Know About Toronto's Crack-Smoking Mayor
Al Donegan The 5 Worst Things I Ever Did
O'Shea & Gaukroger O&O Don't Do Edinburgh... But They Do Do London!
#Desperate Work in Progress
Sadia A am not Malala
Absolutely Improv-able!
A May's Plays: UV 15th Anniversary Season - Week Three Plays Thalassa/The Big Nil/I the Jury
A May's Plays: UV 15th Anniversary Season
Papercuts By Never Heard of It
Minor Delays (Still Working)
A May's Plays: UV 15th Anniversary Season - Week Two Plays Fourteen Million/Man Walks into a Bar/To Live/One is the Road
The Angina Monologue
A May's Plays: UV 15th Anniversary Season - Week One Plays Never Smile Never Wave/A Weekend in Filey/Mistress Marlene
Patrick Kielty Work in Progress
Short Cuts 7: The Key
Love in the 21st Century
Patrick Turpin Work in Progress
The Collector
The Mother Monologues A Mother's Day Event
Soggy Brass: A Night of New Comedy-Writing
Susan Harrison Susan Harrison is Jennie Benton Smith
Real Life
Auntie Rene's Memory Box is The Smallest Museum in the World
Short Cuts 6: Four short dark comedy plays
Britain's Youngest Grandma
Comedy Night Thea-Skot and Millward: Freshly Squeezed
Comedy Night Rachel Stubbings & Jessica Fostekew: Work in Progress
Comedy Night Work in Progress
A Big Fridge
Adi Knight
Short Cuts The Best of Short Cuts Festival: The Little Wula/Another Girl/A is for Arsenic
Hoot Comedy
Kill Phil
Andrew Doyle & David Mills Work in Progress
Kitten Killers
Sleeping Beauty - An Adult Pantomime
Nick Hodder Insert Comedy Here!
Lloyd Griffith
Barry and his Guitar
Psychopomp and Circumstance
Romantic Fools
Kitten Killers
Peter Antoniou
Last Embrace
How Well You Know Me: The Yellow Wallpaper/Overtones (Double Bill) The Yellow Wallpaper/Overtones
Paul F Taylor The Greatest Show in the World Ever
The Emma Packer Show What's the Point in Living if You Can't Cha-Cha-Cha?
Short Cuts 5 - All Hallows' Eve
Christopher Cantrill's Halloween Horror Compendium
Commedia of Errors' - Romeo and Juliet
Myra Dubois Auntie Myra's Happy Hour!
Fresh Off the Boat! Two One-Act Plays About Immigration A Border Story/The Utility People
Super Massive Comedy
The Best Man
The Government Inspector
Raph Shirley A Portrait of a Provincial Dickhead
Oxford Revue Group London Prevue
Short Cuts Taking Liberties/Last Man in Watford/A Life Changing Experience/Wooky Lake
Myra Dubois Service with a Sneer
Peter Antoniou