Amici Dance Theatre Company - 35 Amici Drive

1hr. 10min.


Amici is a unique dance theatre company integrating able-bodied and disabled artists and performers. Founded in 1980, Amici have had a major impact challenging conventional attitudes about disability and the arts.

In the show the residents of 35 AMICI DRIVE, on the Candy Estate, are under threat of eviction from their homes due to a, so called, "regeneration" project engineered by the bureaucratic and seemingly uncaring Streathlee Green Borough Council, their local MP and developers Eastlawn Incorporated. The show will 'begin' in the Lyric foyer, with banners and placards and the residents collecting signatures from the audience and distributing flyers to save 35 AMICI DRIVE. This has been a long campaign. It's an important evening, the Council is meeting to make a final decision on the fate of the block and the residents are going to be out in force at the Town Hall. Will they overcome in their struggle to stay or will they face the wrecking ball?

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