Julia Donaldson

5 things you need to make the perfect theatre show for kids
Louise Callow, co-founder of Scamp Theatre, explains the recipe for making excellent theatre for children
Once upon a Gruffalo...
By Olivia Jacobs and Toby Mitchell
As Tall Stories' adaptation has its 15th birthday, company co-directors Olivia Jacobs and Toby Mitchell explain how The Gruffalo arrived onstage
The Gruffalo celebrates fifteen years on stage
The much-loved production is also returning for a West End run
The Gruffalo (Vaudeville Theatre)
By Emily Johnson-Ferguson
Tall Stories' much-loved kids show returns
The Paper Dolls (Little Angel Theatre)
By Miriam Gillinson
Julia Donaldson's book is brought to life at the children's theatre
What the Ladybird Heard (Tour - Salford)
By Kristy Stott
What the Ladybird Heard is slight, short and fun for families.