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Edinburgh Festival Fringe, throughout August

Aussie company Casus return to the UK with their most recent production, Driftwood. It opened in London earlier this year, and will be heading to the Edinburgh Fringe this August. Expect aerial hula-hooping, human skipping ropes and a number of human pyramids in a show that provides "fiendishly worming group moments" and "lovely individual scenes".

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Jungle Book

Underbelly Festival, 1 to 24 August

Metta Theatre bring their take on Rudyard Kipling's book to the Underbelly this year. In this version, Baloo is a 'beat-loving bin man', Bagheera is a graffiti artist and the Wolf crew are a skateboarding gang. Choreographed by Kendra J Horsburgh, the story has been updated for the 21st century as Mowgli and co find their way in the urban jungle. Suitable for anyone aged eight upwards, the show combines classic circus tricks with modern street dance.


Southbank Centre, 13 to 16 August

Swedish company Cirkus Cirkör's new production is a follow-up to the 2015 20th anniversary piece Borders. Limits looks at how the world has been divided in light of Europe's 'ever-tightening boundaries'. It opens in New York before heading to London this summer. Expect some impressive teeterboard work and a protest vibe in Tilde Björfor's latest work.

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Southbank Centre, until 11 June

Hyena is the debut of the first -all-female Cyr wheel troupe Alula. They describe Hyena as 'a synchronised display of sisterhood, strength and power' as the trio invite the audience to 'smash the patriarchy' with them. The acrobatics have been described as 'gasp-inducing' as the performers move 'like a pack' through a series of dizzying tricks.

And the Little One Said...

Underbelly Festival, 13 to 18 June

Aussie Jess Love brings her first solo show to the South Bank this summer. It combines her impressive circus skills, including roller-skating, hula hoops and hopscotch acrobatics, with her brand of slapstick comedy. She won the Circus Australia Award and was given an honourable mention for Best Circus Show at the Melbourne Fringe Festival for the piece, so it's definitely worth catching during the limited London run.

As A Tiger In The Jungle

Birmingham Rep, 22 and 23 September

As part of the Birmingham Weekender event, two European circus companies will join together on the Rep's stage. Cirkus Xanti (Norway) and Ali Williams (NoFit State) come together as Renu Ghalan, Aman Tamang, and Loan TP Hoang tell the story of how three characters who survived their childhood against all odds through spoken word and circus feats.

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Various locations across UK

Max Calaf Seve's new piece is about how any day may be the last. He uses fun trampoline work in a surreal hour-long show which you can see performed indoors or outside at various venues across the country this summer. We don't recommend trying these stunts out on your standard garden trampoline, though.

Aurora Galore: Glamorous Weirdo

Underbelly Festival, until 16 August

Aurora Galore shows you the world through her eyes in this one-woman show. Incorporating fire tricks and contemporary dance styles, she explores the traditional notions of glamour, femininity and sexuality. She even throws in a few lasers and an appearance from a special guest circus performer for good measure, too.

Catch Me (Attrape Moi)

Underbelly Festival, until 9 July

Flip Fabrique present their combination of parkour, acrobatics and trampolining in this London premiere. It showcases new faces on the Canadian circus scene who perform acts that "don't seem humanly possibly", according to the New York Times.

Children Are Stinky

Underbelly Festival, 22 to 27 July

If you're looking to get children interested in circus, or just want to have a fun family day out, Circus Trick Tease have the perfect show for the kids. The Australian duo are bringing Children Are Stinky to the South Bank this summer as part of their world tour. Fun for all the family, the pair are known for involving children in their performance, which features hula-hooping, acrobatics and a lot of laughs.