Carol Harrison in All or Nothing
Carol Harrison in All or Nothing
© Phil Weedon

Carol Harrison is the writer, director, producer and star of All or Nothing - The Mod Musical which opened this week at the Arts Theatre where it runs until 11 March.

We caught up with Carol and asked her: "If you were stranded on a desert island which five showtunes could you not live without?"

1. "America" from West Side Story

This is my favourite musical! The music is totally unbelievable and I love two attitudes of the song. When you see it with the choreography, it's the complete package.

2. "My Funny Valentine" from Pal Joey

An incredible song. I love Pal Joey. I need a musical to have a great story and I love romantic triangles. I saw myself as Kim Novak when I was younger and then as I got older, I saw myself as Ava Gardner. The song stands out whether in a musical or in the charts.

3. "As Long As He Needs Me" from Oliver!

I relate to Nancy more than any other character in a musical. When I first went up for the part in theatre, they said I was too young and when I went up for the TV version, I was too old… at 23! I remember Paul O'Grady singing this to me when I split with my partner because he said I was like Nancy. That made me laugh and cry at the same time.

4. "Adelaide's Lament" from Guys and Dolls

I so want to play Adelaide as I adore how she seems to be a funny, dumb blonde but she certainly isn't dumb! I love playing comedy and making people laugh as well as drama.

5. "Maybe This Time" from Cabaret

Sally Bowles is so heart-wrenching when she sings this. She's so vulnerable but such a fighter. She just truly hopes that one day things will turn out alright for her. It's beautiful.