With the long-awaited confirmation that Baz Luhrmann's 2001 film Moulin Rouge! will be adapted for the stage, we had a think about who we'd cast in a London production.

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Satine - Laura Pitt Pulford

We will try to stop picking Laura Pitt Pulford for our dream casts, we promise, but we're sure you'll all agree the Olivier Award-nominee is perfect for cabaret star Satine.

Christian - Ben Forster

Forster proved he has the charisma with his Buddy in Elf last year. He's currently starring in The Phantom of the Opera, so he's also au fait with the show's setting, Paris - it's only a short walk from the Paris Opera House to the Moulin Rouge.

Toulouse-Lautrec - Jon Jon Briones

His Engineer in Miss Saigon was a tour-de-force, just the right side of bonkers that will lend itself wonderfully to the absinthe swigging Toulouse-Lautrec.

Harold Zidler - Jim Broadbent

It would be unthinkable to cast anyone but this character's originator in our dream cast. Broadbent is a national treasure, and we wouldn't be happy with anyone other than him playing the zany Moulin Rouge owner.

The Duke of Monroth - Rufus Hound

Aside from the obvious benefit of coming with his own 'tache, we just want to see his rendition of "Like a Virgin".

The Green Fairy - Lady Gaga

We're sorry Kylie, we still love you, but Gaga has to be our Absinthe-induced hallucination. We'd quite like to see her meat dress make a return too, although there may be some health and safety issues that come with storing it backstage each night.