Sally Ann Triplett
Sally Ann Triplett

1. Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Finchley, North London.

2. What made you want to become a performer?
It was just in me to perform from a very early age. I drove my family mad with my dancing and singing round the house.

3. If you hadn't, what might you have done professionally?
God knows. I never even thought or had to do anything else. A police detective? Sounds dramatic.

4. You performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1980 and 1982 - what are your memories of that time?
It's so very long ago since I was involved in the Eurovision but all my memories are happy and exciting ones. Back then the UK was really behind their representative and it was a big deal. The good old days.

5. What have been your subsequent career highlights?
I would say I have had many highlights but it's not necessarily thinking about the shows I have been in, it's about the people you meet along the way and the places you get to visit. In terms of shows though it has to be Anything Goes and more recently my wonderful trip to Singapore where I was in a production of Next To Normal.

6. And at the other end of the spectrum, what's your worst ever audition?
I would say the three to four times I had to audition for Chicago. I was offered the take over from Ruthie Henshall in the beginning but they gave it to someone else at the eleventh hour and I had to keep going back until I got so fed up that I went to the last one with a blonde wig on. Still no luck though. About six years later they finally gave me the job and I didn't even have to audition. Bonkers.

7. What was the first thing you saw on stage that had a big impact on you?
I would say that was from the wings watching Julia Mackensie sing Buddies Eyes every night in Follies. I learnt so much from her.

8. And the last?
I recently saw Let The Right One In in Brooklyn and it was mesmerising. I went with my daughter Grace and we still get scared when we think about it. Amazing.

9. Who are your idols?
Al Jolson, Paul Newman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Joni Mitchell.

10. What's the best advice you've ever been given
When giving birth (well you weren't specific) it's only going to get harder.

11. Did you enjoy your time in A Damsel in Distress at Chichester Festival?
I have been living in New York for the past year and a bit so to come home and be part of Damsels has been wonderful. The people, the countryside, the music... heaven.

12. Favourite moment in the show?
I come out of the ground sitting on top of a bar with a cocktail glass in my hand dressed like Jessica Rabbit. Then I get to dance with four hot boys who throw me around. Nice.

13. Your next show is Elephants to Broadway and Back Again at Crazy Coqs. Why elephants?
My first job to try and get my equity card was riding an elephant in a circus. It was scary and agony (they're big boys, or rather girls) and I didn't get my card.

14. Which songs will you be performing?
I'll mostly be doing old songs from the 30's and 40's and a look back at the West End shows I've been in.

15. What do you enjoy most about performing solo?
I love the freedom you get with cabaret. Every night can be so different because of the crowd and you feed off that.

16. And least?
If it goes wrong it is also down to you. I put the evening together myself and it's a lot of work and a fair amount of pressure to get it right and something that's entertaining.

17. If you could go back in time and see a single production, what would it be?
Judy Garland at Radio City Music Hall.

18. How do you unwind?
A really, really hot bath with Netflix and a cold coke. I'm a cheap date.

19. If you could swap places with anyone for a day, who would it be?
My son Max. He is currently in Nashville writing music with amazing people and living his dream.

20. What's next?
Who knows. This crazy business can be very surprising, but I will be going back to New York in September. My husband will be really bored of walking the dog every day by then.

Elephants to Broadway and Back Again! runs at Crazy Coqs 7 to 11 July 2015. For more information and to book tickets click here.