Sayoko Onishi - Animal Science and Primavera Siciliana (Sicilian Spring)



Animal Science - The scientist disfigures the life of the animals in order to create a new form for them. Their rage turns against him. Eventually they melt together becoming a unique energy in the universe. This performance won the first prize in the International Solo Contemporary Dance Contest in Augusburg in Germany, 1996. Primavera Siciliana (Sicilian Spring) - During Spring time images of the past come to mind. One starts thinking about how the present is dominated by its past and this subsequently this alters ones thoughts. Given this inner power the old personalities in one start to relive while dancing. But then all these personalities scatter while dancing, not knowing anymore which of them leads the dance. In this piece the dance is characterised by the use of a two -faced mask that symbolises the various personalities. This choreography won the first prize in Die Platze Contemporary Dance Festival in Tokyo, 2006.