Athletico Mince



After one year, 41 episodes and over five million listens, Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson are taking their hit comedy podcast on the road, with a host of all-new songs, stories, smart clothes, clear speaking and more. What started out in March 2016 as an attempt to record a football podcast soon turned into something far stranger and more random after Bob and Andy realised that their footballing opinions actually had zero credibility. Subjects covered each week include the lifestyle of former England manager Steve McClaren (including his love of beans on toast and the gastric struggles of his yellow snake Casper), Robson Green's doomed attempts to meet Newcastle United manager Rafa Benitez and Andy's run-ins with a short-tempered Jeremy Corbyn. In keeping with the overwhelmingly non-football vibe, the podcast has also included lifestyle hacks, domestic appliance tips and meat advice, as well as a campaign to build the world's largest saxophone just off the A1, and a definitive guide to lifting up celebrities.