L'enfant et les Sortileges (The Child and the Magic Spells)



A young boy argues with his mother, refuses to do his homework and flies into a tantrum, destroying the objects in the room around him. But in this childhood fable of enchantment, everything around the boy comes magically to life. Outside in the garden, he is also shunned by the animals and plants he has tormented and hurt, until he is forgiven after helping an injured squirrel. One of only two short operas composed by Ravel, L'enfant et les sortileges is both a delightful, whimsical fantasy and a profoundly moving response to the generational trauma of war, witnessed by both composer and librettist. Its exquisite, innovative score is filled with jewel-like surprises, perfectly capturing and deftly characterising talking animals and magical nursery furniture alike.

Sung in French with English titles. Playing as part of 'The Little Greats: Short operas with huge emotions' as a double bill on some dates with Pagliacci, Trial by Jury or Osud.

Part of The Little Greats: Short operas with huge emotions