Peter Antoniou



Peter Antoniou is The 'Psychic' Comedian (or Comedium if you prefer). The enfant terrible of stand-up comedy and side show entertainment, Peter has used his unique skill set to became an underground sensation and make his exciting live appearances mysterious and memorable.

Award-winning ?psychic' comedian, Peter Antoniou, returns to the Fringe for his 5th year with a brand new show that promises to be his most ambitious yet. Removed from all the showbiz trappings this is an intimate show that is just the audience, Peter and the most amazing and astounding demonstrations of mind reading you are ever likely to see. Fondling frontal lobes and tickling funny bones, he's more accurate than a psychic, just as funny as a stand-up and combined with his mastery of improvisation no two shows are alike and will provide you with something you'll be thinking about for months to come. Whether you've pondered what the future holds, facts about the past, secrets of the universe, or just how a psychic spends his day, Peter has answers for you, it's almost as if he has been possessed by the spirit of a cosmic Google. So just sit back, think of your question and enjoy the answers.