Christopher Cantrill's Halloween Horror Compendium



Christopher Cantrill will be your spectral guide through a compendium of tales this All Hallows Eve, each more terrifying, spine tingling and hilarious than the last. As a willing participant, you'll see what happens when Big Foot is finally found, what to do with your hands during an exorcism and the best way of preparing a very special delicacy... With a concoction of straight stand-up, eye of newt, illustration and surreal storytelling you'll experience an evening of entertainment which will stay with you long after you've left the theatre. Plus, supporting chills from the enigmatic Mister Javier; one of London's most unique and compelling stand-up comedians. To see this act you'd normally have to part with some silver and cross the river Styx (i.e. way past Zone 6). A show for lovers of classic horror but please note; this show is not for those of with heart conditions or of a nervous disposition. Side effects have included various secretions, violent mania, lesions of the brain and if you're ill enough - laughter. The best costume will land you a prize, so go nuts on that score.