Waitless - a backwards love story

0hr. 55min.


Through humor and poignancy, WAITLESS probes the strains and joys of expat life as Shelly loses her identity and purpose, only to rediscover them in a most unexpected way. Blissful newlyweds Shelly and Trent revel in their hectic NYC life until Trent is suddenly transferred to London. Dreaming of weekends in Paris and Rome, Shelly gives up her dream job to follow her heart. But expat life isn't as BBC as Shelly anticipated. Trent's work consumes him, and Shelly is left waiting for her husband, her work visa, and their new life together to start. Abruptly, Shelly realizes that she isn't stuck on the treadmill of life; she's waiting to get back on it.

A rare look at the challenges of lost identity through expat life.

Edinburgh Fringe. This event takes place at Jade Studio, Greenside