The Trepidation of the Tower Traipsing Troglodytes



Two women live alone in an attic, never leaving the confines of those four walls. Living away from society the two have formed their own specific way of communicating, their own daily rituals, which though simple in task, are inexplicably unachievable. Completely isolated from the world existing just outside their hideaway; their only connection is via the Internet, where they are happily lost amidst YouTube wormholes, shopping on Amazon and entertaining social media. Every day is much like the one before, except today: an audience surprises them. How will they react?

Inspired by an article investigating the effects of a world where humans are so reliant on Google that they no longer store information in their memory, Theatre Bang Bang explore both the degradation and exaltation of human communication in relation to the internet, seeking to find how in the face of this new world we can keep human connection alive.

Edinburgh Fringe. This event takes place at C nova, Venue 145