James Farmer - Can't Adult, Won't Adult



Join award winning writer and serial adulthood denier, James Farmer, for his debut solo stand up hour in the making on a refusal to accept life's conventions. What do you do when all the skills you have accumulated are only appreciated in childhood? As he's aged, James has built up a very specific skill set for getting through life. Unfortunately, it has meant that his worth to society has diminished to the point that by the age of 45, he'll most likely be a net drain on the world. Revisit your childhood with James as he asks life's important questions in this ironically certified 18+ show. Why grow up at all? What's wrong with having a strong grasp on a good penis joke? Just because we're told skateboarding at 50 is the behaviour of a lunatic, doesn't make it so. Or does it?

Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This event takes place at PBH's Free Fringe at Bannerman's Bar, 202 Cowgate, EH1 1NQ