Rescued near the North Pole, a dying Victor Frankenstein tells a British explorer Captain Robert Walton, an incredible tale of his cursed life. The eldest son of a wealthy Swiss family, Frankenstein is sent to University in Ingolstadt, where his brilliance and thirst for knowledge are soon clear to all. He develops an obsessive quest to create life and bestow it on an inanimate being, which he has constructed from the corpses of many experiments; something which horrifies even himself. When he succeeds in animating his creature, he is appalled by what he's done and hides from him; the creature disappears, only gradually does it become apparent that in creating this being, then rejecting him, Frankenstein has brought about the doom of all those who are dear to him.

This new stage adaptation brings audiences front and centre of the life of Shelley's mythical creature (played by Lindel Hart). The multi-layered reinterpretation of this iconic novel brings a fresh new focus on the emotional relationship between Victor Frankenstein and the Creature he creates. The play dramatically unpacks the Creature's birth, his rejection by his father, his abuse and mounting rage; movingly exploring his superhuman travel around the world in his unrelenting quest to seek connection with his father, Victor Frankenstein.

Edinburgh Fringe. Greenside Forest Theatre. 6 Infirmary Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LT