Forced Entertainment - Read Magic

1hr. 25min.


Forced Entertainment is a group of six artists formed in 1984 and led by director and writer Tim Etchells. The Company continually develop new performance and theatre forms to find the most effective articulation of its ideas, to make work that is engaging, challenging and surprising, exploring the possibilities of what theatre might be.

'We've never met before, have we?' To the sound of looped applause and canned laughter, three performers take part in an impossible illusion - part mind-reading feat, part cabaret act, part chaotic game show - as they endlessly revisit moments of defeat, hope and anticipation. Taking popular culture as its starting point, Real Magic presents an unstable trap that speaks to the complex political place we find ourselves in, creating something that is poetic, challenging, funny and provocative. Caught in a world of second chances and second guesses, variations and changes, distortions and transformations, Real Magic takes you on a hallucinatory journey, in a compelling performance about struggle, optimism and the desire for change.

Edinburgh International Festival. This event takes place at The Studio, 22 Potterrow, Edinburgh EH8 9BL