0hr. 55min.


ErictheFred is the curious and poignant story of a trouper at the end of his tether grappling with a fading career. Like scattering dust particles, his flickering thoughts and projected dreams blur the lines between the real and ethereal. ErictheFred takes the audience backstage into the private world of a performer, where he fondly relives his stage act in a silent tableau of merriment. Gradually these innermost thoughts become visible - holograms of his doubts, dreams and delusions, which disturb, delight and torment him, until the startling climax. Although taking aesthetic inspiration from the past using the looks gestures and mannerisms of silent movies the presentation and sensibilities are entirely contemporary, blending original film projection, music, puppetry and live action, ErictheFred seamlessly creates an unnervingly familiar world of slapstick, tragedy and joy. Hauntingly poetic and deeply evocative, Lynam's touching story takes the art of clowning to another wondrous level and prompts a range of emotional responses and interpretations in his audience.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival