Butoh Medea

0hr. 55min.


Using the Japanese dance of Butoh and an adapted text, Japanese actress Yokko tells the story of Medea through solo performance. This fusion of Western drama and Eastern dance draws the audience into Medea's spirit. They experience the world she is trapped in where love, hate, and the struggle between her humanity and inhumanity take hold. Butoh Medea premiered in New York City in 2014, conceiving a new genre of performance. It received 4 awards at the United Solo theatre festival in 2014, including Best One-Woman Show. United Solo presented 130 productions from 6 different continents. Yokko started creating Butoh Medea in March 2014 by adapting the mythological Medea and Euripides' tragic dramatization of her story using the Japanese modern dance form of Butoh.

Edinburgh Fringe. This event takes place at Paradise Green, Paradise in the Vault, 11 Merchant Street, Edinburgh EH1 2QD