Boy Blue Entertainment - Project: R.E.B.E.L



One of the UK's most sought-after hip-hop dance companies presents an energy-fuelled showcase of astonishing moves fused with urban music.

Hip-hop dance superstars Boy Blue Entertainment bring emotional energy, fierce movement and blistering music in a bold dance show presented in the heart of the community of Craigmillar. It is a premiere of Project R.E.B.E.L, performed by some of the UK's most talented young hip-hop dancers. The special relationship between the school and the International Festival sees the transformation of the school gym hall into a Festival venue to host this show. Students have worked with the whole International Festival team on how to run a world class event, including one-to-one mentoring and work experience. Boy Blue Entertainment has also run workshops introducing the school pupils to their dynamic style of hip-hop dance.

Edinburgh International Festival. This event takes place at Castlebrae Community High School, 2A Greendykes Road, Edinburgh EH16 4DP