Africa Entsha Venue and Location

The Fringe Office
180, High Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH1 1QS

The Fringe Office

180, High Street Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH1 1QS


Looking for Lightning
The Gruffalo, the Witch and the Warthog with Julia Donaldson
Sinatra: Raw
89 Nights - An Original Musical
BARK! - The Musical
Never Vera Blue
Never Vera Blue
Trojan Horse
The Reluctant Fundamentalist
Our Country
Fallen Fruit
Nele Needs a Holiday: The Musical
Stick By Me
Square Go
The Political History of Smack and Crack
All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
One Life Stand
A Fortunate Man
First Snow/Premiere neige
Island Town
How To Spot an Alien
Father in the Hole
The Mould That Changed the World
The Mould That Changed the World
I Am Orestes and I am Electra too
World in Progress
The Trail to Oregon
The Bacchae
Shell Shock
Sticks and Stones
Simon and Garfunkel - Through the Years
[Insert Slogan Here]
Sugar Baby
The Girls from Oz - Because,Because,Because,Because,Because
Century Song
Alfred Hitchcock's Writers' Room
Fear Itself
In Conversation With... - Mark Thomas
Le Centenaire de la Grande Guerre
Dusty Limits - Mandrogyny
Lucky Stiff
Len Blanco: Firing Blancs
Someone Somewhere
Deadly Dialogues
Femage A Trois - Safe to Shoot/Hysteria/The Best Worst Day of My Life
The Marriage of Kim K - The Mozart Opera
The Unmarried
The Toxic Avenger
Peer Gynt
Sister Mary's Playtime
Faulty Towers - The Dining Experience
Scottish Dance Theatre - Velvet Petal: Bedroom
Good Girl
Out of Love
The Humours of Bandon
???$ (LIES)
Sasquatch The Opera
The Thinking Drinkers - History of Alcohol
It's Better to Lie That to Tell The Truth and End Up Alone in a Ditch Crying
Accidents Happen to Sahsa Ellen
Amina Khayyam Dance Company - Slut
Love, Bombs and Apples
Big Fat Gay
No Show
Avant Garde Dance - Fagin's Twist
Forced Entertainment - Read Magic
Meow Meow's Little Mermaid
Africa Entsha
Lord Dismiss Us
Scottish Dance Theatre - Process Day
Impermanence Dance Theatre - Sexbox
National Dance Company of Wales - Profundis
Twenty Something
Ellyn Daniels - Emotional Terrorism
Mimi's Suitcase
The Shape of the Pain
Rosie Kay Dance Company - 5 Soldiers: The Body is the Frontline
Stand By
Protein Dance - Border Tales
James Cousins Company
Instructions For Border Crossing
No Miracles Here
Two Man Show
The Believers Are But Brothers
What If I Told You
You've Changed
Cosmic Scallies
National Dance Company of Wales - Folk
Liquid Gold is in the Air
Scottish Dance Theatre - TuTuMucky
Sarah & Duck - Sarah & Duck's Big Top Birthday
Morale Is High (Since We Gave Up Hope)
The Drive
My Mind is Free
The Ruby Darlings - Lil' Darling's Lady Power
Lal Batti Express (Red-Light Express)
The Concrete Jungle Book
Start Swimming
Operation Love Story
I Keep a Woman in My Flat Chained to a Radiator
La Clique
Luna Park
The Life and Crimes of Reverend Raccoon
The Master and Margarita
Love, Lies and Taxidermy
I Got Superpowers For My Birthday
Every Brilliant Thing
Faulty Towers - The Dining Experience
Counting Sheep
Spencer Jones - Spencer Jones Presents The Herbert in Eggy Bagel
Richard Gadd - Monkey See Monkey Do
Sofie Hagen - Shimmer Shatter
And They Played Shang-a-Lang
One Hundred Homes
Mungo Park - Travels in the Interior of Africa
It Folds
The Castle Builder
Letters to Windsor House
All the Things I Lied About
(I Could Go on Singing) Over the Rainbow
Only Bones
Jonny & The Baptists - Eat the Poor
Last Call
Team Viking
On the Conditions and Possibilities of Hillary Clinton Taking Me as Her Young Lover
Heads Up
World Without Us
Tell Me Anything
The Tobacco Merchant's Lawyer
Bubble Schmeisis
A Number
A Pickering's Gin Jolly
Doubting Thomas
Stories to Tell in the Middle of the Night
Bubble Revolution
Peter Brush - Dreams with Advert Breaks
James Farmer - Can't Adult, Won't Adult
Stephen Carlin - TV Comeback Special
Ubu On the Table - All the world's grotesqueness on a table... - or what happens when a power-hungry vinegar bottle, hammer and sugar bowl fight for the Polish throne.
Living a Little
The Calm
Where Do All the Dead Pigeons Go?
Putting The Band Back Together
Undercover Refugee
Equations for a Moving Body
Two Man Show
Adler & Gibb
Tom Toal - Help Us Tom Toal You're Our Only Hope
Joe Wells - 10 Things I Hate About UKIP
Ockham's Razor (UK) - Tipping Point
Meet Fred
I Got Superpowers For My Birthday
Outside the Box - A Live Show About Death
Forest Fringe - Brian Solomon with Mariana Medellin-Meinke - The NDN Way
The Princes' Quest
WiFi Wars
A Day in the Lives of Frankie Abbott
A Medley of Four Dreams of Linchuan
The Interference
Forest Fringe - Nic Green - Cock and Bull
Forest Fringe - Daniel Oliver - Weird Seance: Max Dyspr-Axes
Katherine Ryan
Romeo and Juliet
The Trepidation of the Tower Traipsing Troglodytes
I Am Not Mark Twain
Gruesome Playground Injuries
Fault Lines
The Communist Threat
Faulty Towers - The Dining Experience
Edith in the Dark
Little Shop Of Horrors
Filthy Talk for Troubled Times
Butoh Medea
Talking with Angels
More C*nt Than Cant: The Scandalous Life and Fast Times of Lord Byron
Current Location
Light Boxes
Lost Dog - Paradise Lost (Lies Unopened Beside Me)
Vera Tussing - T-Dance
Every Brilliant Thing
The Human Ear
Late with Lance!
Troublesome People
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Okinawa Sansan
Igor and Moreno - Idiot-Syncrasy
The Furies
The Cold Inside
The Wedding Reception - The Dining Experience
Our Teacher's a Troll
The Bakewell Bake Off
Scarfed for Life
Waitless - a backwards love story
Beardyman - One Album Per Hour
Things My Mother Never Told Me
Romeo Unchanged - One Man The Whole Play (sort of)
I See You Made an Effort
Amina Khayyam Dance Company - Yerma
Bridget Christie An Ungrateful Woman
Michelle McManus' Reality: The Musical
The Capone Trilogy: Loki
The Capone Trilogy: Lucifer
No Guts, No Heart, No Glory
Shakespeare for Breakfast
The Capone Trilogy: Vindici
Thrill Me: The Leopold & Loeb Story
The Government Inspector
21 Things You Should Know About Toronto's Crack-Smoking Mayor
The God That Comes
Danish Face
Josie Long Cara Josephine
Al Donegan The 5 Worst Things I Ever Did
Big in Belgium - 2nd edition Sirens/Landscape with Skiproads/Where the World is Going, That's Where We Are Going/Looking for Paul
Henning Wehn Eins Zwei DIY
Desire and Pursuit Angel: Take This Body/Now We Are Pope: Frederick Rolfe in Venice/Tadzio Speaks: Death in Venice revisited
6 - A New Musical
Dead to Me
The Initiate
Our Teacher's a Troll
I Promise You Sex and Violence
Play Dough
Every Brilliant Thing
Riding the Midnight Express with Billy Hayes
A Series of Increasingly Impossible Acts
Show 6
Marcel Vol. I - Italian Politics as a Work of Art
Robin Ince Blooming Buzzing Confusion
Sunshine on Leith
Britannia Waves the Rules
Faulty Towers - The Dining Experience
James Cousins Company There We Have Been
Pugni Di Zolfo (Fists of Sulfur)
Shakespeare for Breakfast
Tejas Verdes (Green Gables)
Jason Byrne Special Eye
Myra Dubois Service with a Sneer
Major Tom
The List
Menage a Trois
Nofit State Circus (UK/France) Noodles
Death Ship 666
The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning
La Merda (The Shit)
Tourniquet 2013
Between Empires
The Givers
Mrs Green
Sans Salome
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
The Peculiar Tale of Pablo Picasso and the Mona Lisa
That Is All You Need to Know
Something There That's Missing
Dear Friend
Northanger Abbey
Tea at Five The Katharine Hepburn Story
Too Cool to Care
Gabe Day
Forever 27
Survival of the Fittest MonixArts 9 Fragments
My Favourite Madman
Maddy's Many Mouths
Young China Shines Showcase
Jekyll and Hyde