© Helen Murray

Manwatching, a play about the female gaze and objectification of men, returns to Edinburgh in August after a successful run at the Royal Court.

The play is written by an anonymous female playwright who has described what she thinks of when she fantasises about sex with men and it's performed each night by a different male comedian, who is reading the script for the very first time. The playing order of the comedians, including Mark Watson and Andrew O'Neill has been announced, as follows:

4 August: Tony Law

5 August: Andrew Maxwell

6 August: Keith Farnan

7 August: Edward Aczel

9 August: Mitch Benn

10 August: Pete Johansson

11 August: Stuart Goldsmith

12 August: Jason Byrne

20 August: Mark Watson

21 August: Darren Harriot

23 August: Dan Antopolski

24 August: Markus Birdman

25 August: Eshaan Akbar

26 August: Simon Munnery

27 August: Andrew O'Neill

Manwatching will play at Paines Plough's Roundabout at Summerhall, Edinburgh, on various dates from 4 to 27 August.